Vigilance-EU - Founded 2009

Welcome to the the Viglance-EU guild website. We're a freindly social guild on the Quel'Thalas realm. We enjoying big guild sicussion and competitions. These help our guild to become more close-knit with eachother. The aim of the guild is too have a good time , help others level and do raids with our lvl 70-80 members.

Our guild had a guild bank and our own chat channel for microphone users. We have a clever ranking system which helps to reward helpful and loyal members. We are not biast to different ranked members all our members will be able to voice their opinions and will have oppurtunities to raid.

If you're Interested in joining please message Nosta or Harborn in game and we wil have a chat to see if you will fit in. :-)

Social EU Guild

What Is Your Favourite Class
Warrior 20%
Paladin 0%
Warlock 0%
Death Knight 10%
Mage 30%
Druid 0%
Priest 0%
Hunter 20%
Rogue 20%
Shaman 0%
10 Total votes

The founders of Vigilance are Nosta and Harborn, Please contact us online for more help
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